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Emarketing, it’s all about growth, question is how…

Social Media

Communication is best when it creates feelings and engagement. Since social media is based on interaction between users, they provide unique opportunities to communicate with and engage your customers and other interested. Remember that social media presence, thereby has impact on the company’s identity and is a way to build valuable relationships.


Marketing and PR

Social media means the ability to communicate quickly, cost effectively and regularly with your customers, or to target a campaign message to just the people you want to reach. Social media at the same time means the ability to build long-term trust in your brand by letting users get to know the company, become involved in your brand and not least become corporate ambassadors.

Strategy and execution

When operating on social media it is important that you know what you want to achieve. Contact us, we will help you to set up goals, find the audience, select channels, set up accounts, plan and customize content, publishing schedule, advertising, comment monitoring, and ongoing optimization.

Opportunities are many! You can spread news, inform, advertise a campaign, recruit or form an opinion.


Here on emarketingtime you will find opportunites utilising Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter, all platforms with their unique possibilities and strengths.

examples of

Landing Pages, Contests and Giveaways

Instagram Photo Contest

An Instagram contest is an easy way to capitalize on user-generated content (UGC). Instagram contests require minimal effort from participants, which is one reason they’re so popular. To host an Instagram contest using this template, just ask people to post a photo to Instagram, include your unique hashtag in the caption, and fill out a simple form.

Tip: We advice you to in your contest rules spelling out exactly how the winner will be chosen. To reduce fraud, consider having a two-step process for choosing a winner: votes determine the finalists and then a panel of judges selects the winner.


Photo Contest

People like to share their photos, and photo contests are an easy way to collect user-generated content and create buzz around your brand. Add an email autoresponder so you can instantly contact people who enter your photo contest and offer them a coupon or a link, or just say “Thanks for entering!”

Tip: By using a moderation tool you will be able to approve submissions.

Landing Page

Branded landing pages let you highlight specific elements of your business. They also serve as transition pages for people who have learned about your business from an ad or other promotional content. Once people visit your landing pages, you can collect their contact information and then market to them right away using email autoresponders.

Tip: Keep the content on each landing page relevant to the information that brought people to it in the first place. Make their experience as seamless as possible.


Giveaways are a low-cost way to build brand awareness and collect leads to use for future marketing efforts.

Tip: Use an email autoresponder to contact everyone who enters your giveaway, and consider giving all entrants a “prize,” such as a discount on your products or services.

Contact Us

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you, and collect their contact information at the same time. Use the information you collect to tailor your responses.

Tip: Limit fields to name and email address so people don’t bail out before completing your form. If you must add additional fields, make sure you’re asking for information you really need.

Newsletter Signup

A “newsletter” is really any piece of content you email to your customers. It could be a blog post or an announcement about your company. It could even be a notification about an upcoming sale, a new product or a special event. Once people have filled out your newsletter signup form, all the data will be stored for you so you can use it for future marketing.

Tip: Use our email autoresponders to instantly contact people who sign up for your newsletter.

Product Gallery

A Product Gallery is a place where you can showcase your products and services. You can also use a gallery to promote “limited time” sale products. Real estate agents could use this template to show off listings; restaurants could use it to focus on certain menu items; photographers/artists could use it to bring attention to new work.

Tip: Include a PayPal or other code option to embed a buy button in your Product Gallery.


Motivate people to purchase your product or service by giving them a discount, a free gift with purchase or a code for free shipping. Collect valuable marketing data while you’re at it.

Tip: Include an expiration date on your offer to add a sense of urgency.

Product Gallery

With Refer-a-Friend contests, people who enter are motivated to help spread the word about your contest (and your company) by getting their friends to enter as well. How does it work? Contest entrants are rewarded with bonus entries (or votes) every time their friends enter using a unique referral link.

Tip: Include a strong call-to-action in your share text. For example, “Want more chances to win? Just share this link!”

Guess the Score

Whether it’s the Super Bowl or March Madness, the World Cup or the World Series, people love to follow their favorite teams. Grab some of their attention and enthusiasm by hosting a “guess the score” contest and giving your customers some glory – in the form of a gift card from your business.

Tip: Set the date and time – including time zone – that your contest will begin and end. And then over and over again…

Gated Personality Quiz

Quizzes asking “Which Oscar-winning actress are you?” or “What animal were you in your past life?” are irresistible because they help people make sense of their lives. (Seriously, this is what the science says!) When you design a quiz that also asks participants to share their email address before you reveal the results, you can use a quiz to collect leads.

Tip: If personality quizzes aren’t appropriate for your brand, try a Trivia, Survey and or Poll Templates. Quizzes, surveys and polls can all be designed to give you insights about the kinds of products and services your customers prefer.

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