How can retail's survive

How can retail’s survive

How can retail’s survive


What’s the struggle?

Any shop today at the street encounters two main obstacles bringing business to success. First one is the inefficient marketing, highly related to the cost for reach out to potential customers and to communicate to current ones. Second is to the margin that today gets lower and lower. Today discounts and numerous sales is not a game changer any more. And loyalty system with bonus is a must because your competitors offer it.


The number of bankruptcy in retail continues to grow. And above all it is the smaller actors that go down.

When asking people at the street, everyone wants to have a living city with small shops.


What’s the solution?

Starting with efficient marketing, the solution is a system enabling any store to market themselves to current customers. At the same time with a unique model and incentives for boosting, spreading their offers to new customers.  

Reasons for the lower margins stem from a new buying behavior, that is, very sluggish summarized, a result of e-commerce driving less costs and possibilities of scaling up. What is needed in addition to lower the marketing spending, is a possibility to offer customers their goods to a price that satisfies customers without lower the margin again and again.



Byebuy, a game changer!


We don't claim Byebuy to solve all problems but it will lower your marketing cost and increase you margin.


Minimize your cost

Think of an automated dealmaker that offers advertising, selling and payment all-in-one. When creating your deal, you can even choose to use a personalized QR-code for fast access not only in the mobile but also on a printed poster.

You reach all your customers through push technology. And you reach all new ones with incentives to spreading your offer. That generates efficient marketing with NO cost at all for pushing or spreading.

Increase your margin

Today when you create a sale, you offer same price for everyone. What would it mean you could sell to the price each customer is willing to buy for? What would it mean if you could increase your margins with 3, 5 or 9%?


Unique price gives a better bottom line



  • 6 customers buys to different price
  • Average price 39.60
  • Sales price 50.00
  • Average discount (10.40) 21%

How you increase your margin via Byebuy

Why give away 30% if you can find buyers for 21%? 



Download Byebuy for free and learn more advantages




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