Our ideal client and their characteristics

ideal client

Ideal client

Although our ideal client are not the largest ones, size really does not matter. What matters is your mindset and your persistence of the change of behavior that is needed to get optimum result. What we can see however are some characteristics of and ideal client ours.


B2C & Retail

Our ideal client within B2C & retail wants to engage their clients and stream customer value. They realize that product value has to be broadened and that customer experience has to be streamlined to a fit over all customer touch points.


Characteristics – Their sales force service numerous sales points. Marketing department has barely no insight in buyer process. The key is data that shows the impact on sales revenue from their spendings on online activities.

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It relates to the operations for direct selling online. Thus include B2C & retail. Ideally client aim to utilize Omni-channel marketing and sales. They have been doing business for some times and sense how competition became harder.


Characteristics – Although they want more visitors, traffic is not their biggest problem. Biggest issue is conversion rate. They have a lot of  data but no time or resources for analysis. They lack awareness of their customers journey to purchase and marketing life cycle.

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As we are referring to volume of sales for B2C, we are referring in first hand to sales value per customer for B2B. Our ideal client wants to align marketing and sales for better conversion rate by better understanding who is ready to take a decision and when.


Characteristics – Mid-sized business with 10-50 sales people. Being specialist in their industry their need for customer values are specific and on expertise level.

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