Inbound marketing – let customers come to you

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Customers will find you, instead of you them

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Inbound marketing is a strategy and concept based on attracting customers that are in search of information direct or indirect related to your offer of products or services.

  As much as 90 % of buyers seek information about online offers before making a purchase.  

To engage customers you have to earn their interest and focus on offering value in what you communicate instead of traditional advertising. When you provide valuable content to potential customers it puts you in the driver seat of the purchase process.

Using all your sources and resources

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To give best possible value, access to stats and history of customers have to be on individual level. The power of inbound marketing comes from the use of all your resources and the conformity within.

Resources & Sources for inbound marketing

  • e-mail marketing
  • sms
  • mobile applications
  • social media
  • call-center and direct selling
  • web page – dynamic content
  • personalized remarketing in RTB network
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The benefits of inbound marketing are all based on the long term trust you build. 

  • You will get targeted traffic and attract qualified leads, making the sales process easier and cheaper
  • You will make better-informed decisions
  • It increases your visibility and brand awareness
  • You will save time and money. You will wisely spend your time on the right activities.
  • It increases your customers trust and credibility
  • It can increase your ROI
  • It’s cost- effective
  • Nurturing leads becomes a team effort, aligning marketing and sales departments
  • Inbound marketing saves you time and therefore money
  • Integrated campaigns are effective and easy to manage

You will generate long-term profitable marketing, better customer relationship and higher sales.

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