We sold for more than 120,000 in three hours. It was absolutely madness!

— Lise/Presangen

Over and over again we get proof of the excellence of Gorglar concept and its ability to overcome its expectation. Below you find such a story told not by us but the user themselves, in this case Presangen, a shop for home & decor in Norway.

Already first time we used the Gorglar system we experienced a huge response. We have chosen to build a base of 2,000 members before sending out the first message, and then we sold much more. We offered 20% discount on a special brand and we were surprised by the outcome. What we also noticed was that the members told their family and friends about our bonus program. As a result, people came by by themselves to become members, “says Lise.

How big is your member ship base today? Lise presangen gorglar

– Now we have 5,600 customers in our base. And it’s very good for being a stand-alone store. We are in a center with 80 other stores that have a base of approximately 22,000 customers, “explains Lise.

Result clearly talks for it self. Presangen has clearly reached out to it customers with the message of what a membership means.

Do you have a concrete example of a particularly successful activity?

– We had a customer night from six to nine on a Wednesday a few weeks ago. The day before, we sent an offer to all our members where we offered 20% discount on all regular items over the three hours. And what a response that gave! People were lining up from that we started at 6 to 8.45 PM. It was absolutely madness. We sold for more than 120,000 in three hours! “

Lise says that that evening, several vendors also showed up. The suppliers have been around a lot but never experienced anything like this.

Happy Lise with her happy staff.

– We have used the Gorglar system for about two years and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result, says Lise. Lise is one of the owner of the shop together with her siblings Trine and Rudi. Now they started with Gorglar in another store they own. We can’t wait to see the results, Lise says.

Do you also want to experience same result as Lise and Presangen, don’t hesitate to contact us or signup already today. Lise presangen gorglar

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