Loyalty system

Gorglar is unique!

Pricing model!

Whatever size of company you are, you will find a pricing model that fit your needs. And you will be surprised how little Gorglar cost. Both as Loyalty system alone but also as a marketing tool – check for yourself.


The results!

Gorglar has proven to deliver remarkable results in increased revenue at the same time serious cost savings are seen.

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It’s easy!

One of the most important factor for the result proves is how easy it is to manage, both for customer and member.

Gorglar is most certainly the easiest system on the market. Do you know any easier system on the market? Please call us!

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Marketing system!

With the marketing system you send text SMS or image SMS. When choosing image SMS you can send as many images you want at no extra cost.

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Bonuses redeemed

Increase your revenue with smaller marketing budget.

Times change and new ways are needed to cut costs in marketing, at the same time sales should increase.

With a few simple steps you will both save money on marketing at the same time you will increase turnover.

The customers will choose you – not your competitor.

50-60% of customers don’t return after their first visit. We help you get them back in the door up to 50% more often.


Surveys show that 80% would choose a store that has a loyalty program. However it has to be easy for both you and your customers. And that is precisely the reason why Gorglar has become such a success.

All it takes is a phone number.
Reward your customer – they will reward you.

The key to a successful loyalty system is then of course that customers will not forget that you actually have such a program. Continuity is important in this regard. Therefore, make sure to plan your monthly SMS activity in advance.

It will give your loyal customers a reminder / reward for why they choose you

Delight customers with rewards that will keep your business top of mind

Did you know?  


You can use several images in same SMS at no extra cost!