Terms and Conditions

Gorglar – Loyalty/ Bonus system

SYSTEM PROVIDER: Gorglar AS: Bruket 31, 1621 Gressvik, Norway, registered in the Norwegian Register of Companies under number: 997670930, in whose name and on behalf, the agent acts Business Media Group Sp. o.o. with registered office: ul. Powstańców Wielkopolski. 42, 62-300 Września, Tel .: +48 22 250 10 02, email: info@bmggroup.org, NIP 789-171-99-42 and REGON 301 017 051 and the bank account number: IBAN: PL 21 1910 1048 2201 0154 3960 0001 / SWIFT: DEUTPLPX maintained by the Bank: Deutsche Bank PBS.


DURATION OF AGREEMENT: Duration of agreement is stated in register form and is decided by choice of package and payment model. Upgrade can be made before the period ends. Upgrade will then take place the first day of coming month. Client is obliged to at latest, 7 days before last day of duration, inform that termination of the account is wanted. Failure to do so, will transfer account into indefinite duration with a 1-month notice period. Termination is performed via the link “termination”. Client is entitled to perform a “sms- upgrade” whereof duration is set for 12 months.


PAYMENT: Client is obliged to pay compensation according the amount described for each account. To these amounts will be added VAT. The invoice will have a 14-day payment term, payee Business Media Group S.p.zoo. By making an upgrade, client without further notice approve to pay compensation for chosen account. This goes for upgrade of package as well as for sms-upgrade.


DESCRIPTION: Agreement covers the provision by System Provider to Client, which may only be a company or any other type of legal entity (service is not provided to consumers). “GORGLAR System” consists of a number of tools. (1) Generate a loyal customer database (on the basis of mobile number), (2) SMS communications, and (3) the construction and management of promotional campaigns for Clients recipient. Client will note get access to database. However, Gorglar may not use nor sell the member numbers in database.


SUPPORT: System provider provides technical support for the Clients on weekdays from 8:30 to 15:30 at telephone number .0048 – 530 760 388 … via email: … info@emarketingtime.com …. and via chat on www.emarketingtime.com.


CONDITIONS: System provider are free to adjust prices according to the current CPI. System provider can further develop the system with new features and implement it in the system. A further development of the content of the system being implemented into the product may result in increase of the price the customer pays. If Client does not accept price increase, Client may terminate the agreement with one-month period of notice without having to pay the required price increase.


SIGNS: The system provides the ability to send SMS / MMS using the characters listed at: https://emarketingtime.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/TO_GSM_Charset_tables-2017.pdf


ERRORS AND OMISSIONS: Gorglar takes responsibility for defects or errors in the system and responds to common liability rules, though not for indirect losses, consequential damages, liability for interruptions or similar.


BREACH FROM CLIENT’S SIDE – TERMINATION: Payment is considered to be delayed if not invoice is paid in full according to payment date. Gorglar may terminate the contract by any payment delay unless the delay is unessential. Upon termination Gorglars obligation to deliver product and Client’s right to use system expires. Gorglar is entitled to terminate the agreement if the Client misuses the product or use the product to promote products, attitudes or political beliefs that are not widely accepted.


TRANSFER OF AGREEMENT: Client may not assign its rights or obligations under this Agreement to others without Gorglar’s written consent. Such consent is required even if the transfer is a consequence as part of a merger with another company (fusion), or splitting of the company.


DISPUTES: Any dispute arising in connection with this Agreement shall be settled by the ordinary courts with Fredrikstad District Court Norway.