Marketing automation – a prerequisite for success

Marketing & Sales cooperate with joint goals

Marketing & Sales cooperate with joint goals

In the essence, marketing automation is the personalization of marketing communication down to individual level with triggers based on behavior. You decide how, when and where to engage your contacts with activities and content tailored to their needs.


Personalization of marketing communication down to individual level has always been one of the dreams of the digital age. Now when combining data and AI-powered analytics you get an invulnerable competitive advantage.

ROI of marketing automation

What makes marketing automation so beneficial?

The list of benefits is long, but the features of automation that might be most straight forward  are:

  • improved performance of marketing campaigns
  • increased conversion rate – leads into sales,
  • providing objective measurement of marketing efforts to prove ROI and attribute sales accurately.
  • align sales and marketing teams

Since everything through all your sources are being tracked within marketing automation, you will see how your leads are generated and what interest them within the sales process all the way to purchase. Important to remember is that marketing automation is a process and it takes about 4-6 months before you see any clear ROI.

Ahead of competition

Marketing automation will definitely facilitate your daily work as well as planning budgets and efforts. However, as the market is constantly evolving, and your customers with it, your marketing automation must continuously be analyzed and optimized.


Efforts that will always keep you at the forefront of your competitors!


Additional unexpected benefits from Marketing automation:

  • strengthened brand
  • more followers in social media
  • larger and broader contact network


Marketing automation - system

This is your engine

The system provides you with crucial data and insight to grasp and understand behavior and needs of each customer individually. It also give you the opportunity for customer segmentation and targeting for better ROI on your activities and campaigns. We adjust the system for your business, B2B, B2C  or both.


Our system also enables you systematization of all other stakeholders and contacts in that usually fall outside the system.


Marketing automation - analytics

This is your road map

Analyzing data about your contacts is essential to adjust your communication for each customer behavior and need, as to lead them across entire customer journey. The data enables you to decide your approach towards potential and current customers on each stage of your sales funnel.


With detailed and customizable analytics you decide what KPI-s to track. You will understand each individual campaigns and general performance in e.g. how your marketing efforts translates into sales revenue.


Marketing automation - automation

This is your power

Now that you got all the data analyzed from the system you need to do something about it.  By setting up rules for your automation the system perform certain marketing and sales actions based on specified criteria.


By working in workflows you set automated series of actions that triggers to occur based on a person’s behaviors or contact information. The automation rules how simple or comprehensive they may be, they constitute your automated marketing and sales processes, leading your prospects from the moment of encountering to the point of purchase.

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