Ensure your business growth with marketing automation use

Marketing automation use B2C

Marketing automation use – B2C and Retail

Today customer are looking for unique experiences that are tailored to their needs. Anything else will simply not be good enough. marketing automation use of  process for data collection and personalized utilizing will have huge impact for your B2C marketing campaigns.


With the use of solution for marketing automation use for B2C you get personalized and automated communication with specific customers using their profiles that has been developed on the basis of their previous transactions as well as their behavioural data.


With behavioural analysis and the automated communication, you can recognize contacts’ interests and accordingly fine-tune the content of emails and the moment these should be sent. You may also personalize the look of the website and the ads published in RTB network.

Specific areas of use – Automated mailing campaigns, dynamic emails, Campaigns tailored to life-cycles, dynamic recommendations on website, omni channel communication and call center support.

Marketing automation use for ecommerce

Marketing automation use – e-commerce

Marketing automation use for ecommerce could quickly become your company’s highest-ROI activity. The potential for this methodology is nearly endless. Today customers are looking for unique experiences that are tailored to their needs. Anything else will simply not be good enough.


Maybe you are a specialist medical store, e-bookshop, leading online clothing or footwear retailer, it does not matter personalized marketing will have effect at any business.


Omni channel communication – You will use all available communication channels to reach your contacts in all your touchpoints. You decide yourself, should you perform bulk campaigns, send individual messages or display tailored content across different channels and devices. Or for best result you combine different mediums to strengthen the message or find alternative one to make sure your message will be delivered. As you don`t confuse your customers with inconsistent messages not being coordinated, your marketing automation will impact performance at all levels.

Specific areas of use – dynamic emails, saving shopping cart, personalized newsletter, progressive pop-ups, dynamic recommendations on website and call center support.

Marketing automation use - B2B

Marketing automation use – B2B

Marketing automation use for B2B is to ease engaging with customers and handle the many different stages of customers buyer journey.


Timing is crucial when it comes to B2B marketing.  If you don’t keep the momentum going in your relationship with customers, opportunity could easily be lost. A prospect may forget about you, look elsewhere, or even a competitor may sneak in at the optimum moment. And all your hard work becomes of no use.


A significant part is identification and tracking of website behaviour. Combined with possibilities offered by our/ your current CRM system you can support your sales operations and lead education programs. That way you get new customers to your business while at the same time you increase efficiency of work and leverage sales force.

Specific areas of use – segmentation and scoring, lead nurturing, leveraging your sales department

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