Increase your average sales value for your loyal customers, as well for customers not being loyal to you.

Just watch as you will get new customers even from the help of your “old ones”. If you got a bonus club, use that for an extra boost.

Tired of old goods? Need place for new articles but don’t want to loose too much money? We got the solution for you.

Find out the values for your business

  • Restaurants & Fast-food

    Get clients at empty client time, and increase your average sale. That goes for both new clients and loyal ones.

  • Surprise!

    Yes it is true, it works for dentists, massage institutes, therapeutics, opticians etc. Allure new clients with eg. free examination, and keep current ones with second visit offer.

  • Any shop

    It does not matter what you sell, ByeBuy works for all shops and stores. Fashion, Flowers, Furniture, Home & Decor, even Groceries...

  • Event tickets

    Make sure that the tickets are sold! Local band, Musical, Theater, Stand up comedy... You name it!

  • Coffee shops

    Get your coffee drinker to to eat and drink more. And make sure the tourists visit your café.

  • White goods & electronics!

    You have to bee seen out there. If not your competitor will win the race.


    What do you sell, vaccum cleaners, ovens, computers, TV's Hair dryers...

  • Home services!

    You will get new clients where you operate and be in reach for your old ones at same time as you are minimizing marketing costs.

  • Car dealers

    Think of a way where you don't pay anything before you sold the car... That's how ByeBuy works!


    Works the same way for Real estate agencies

  • Service at place!

    Customers will find you without you putting any effort to it. Using your loyal customer data base will boost your sales!

Download ByeBuy today,

for free!



ByeBuy is a fully automated “dealmaker” where seller and buyer meet and agree on a real price in a simple, efficient and entertaining way!

Always right price >

Just put out your items to sell and LET THE AUTOMATIC SYSTEM FIX THE REST. Integrate it with your loyalty program and it will boost your revenue further.

Byebuy loyalty program and dealmaker
  • Right price guarantee
  • Easy advert creator for free
  • Set your own wished price and minimum price
  • Incentive for buying – the more interest the faster the price lowers
  • Buyer decides – “dare to wait, or strike”
  • Live video streaming – show your items for sale

Download ByeBuy today,

for free!



Gorglar has proven to deliver remarkable results in increased revenue. Besides that serious cost savings are seen.

Easiest on market >

Surveys show that 80% would choose a store that has a loyalty program. Furthermore, success of such system rely on the easiness of usage for both you and your customers. And that is precisely the reason why Gorglar has become such a success. A mobile number is all you need.

Gorglar loyalty program
  • Proven to deliver remarkable results
  • Easy to manage, both for shop and member
  • Send image Marketing SMS for as low as € 0.04/ SMS
  • Use several levels for better incentives
  • Create your own system for bonus
  • Integrate with ByeBuy and get an insane boost

How does it work!

Check out our “How to” – videos. And be sure to stay put as we will add more and more videos as time goes!

Make a sale!

One or several items

You choose if you want to sell one item or several. When you sell one you don’t pay if it’s not sold. This is also a great way to boost awareness, folks will simply fight to win your crazy offer!


If you want to sell several items, you payment is based for advertising. Before you approve, you will understand the price.


Take that offer!

You got a buyer,  now let’s do some business!

Now you have the option of live chat and showing your objects in live video streaming.


For a buyer it’s about safety (what you see is what you get). For a vendor it is about time, now you don’t have to wait for buyer to come and see the object. It is not likely that you need to chat with a buyer of a Pizza deal or a Dental treatment, but at least you have the option.

Behave yourself!

You don’t want rogue and dishonest players, neither do we.

The description of the item or service offered shall ALWAYS and ONLY describe the actual item or service that is the actual offer.


All kinds of content (text, images and streaming), that can be perceived as offensive is not allowed and will be removed. We don’t want that, you don’t want that. Help us to keep Byebuy clean and report that type of content and those advertisers.