purposes and benefits of inbound marketing

Purposes and benefits of inbound marketing

Purposes and benefits of inbound marketing

Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing 

We go through the questions; – What is Inbound marketing, what’s the purpose, the usage and what are the benefits. Further down we will talk about long term customer relationship and go through the parts crucial, essential and decisive for bringing inbound marketing strategy a success. (6-8 min reading)

Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy.

Inbound marketing is a strategy. The key point to that strategy is that you have customers finding you instead of you chasing them. The main purpose of Inbound marketing strategy is to prepare for targeted traffic, create relationship with audience so you can transfer them to leads and convert them to customers. Usage and application of inbound marketing strategy shall for best result take place in all sources, channels and touch points that you use for customer contacts and engagements.

What are the benefits of Inbound marketing? Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing

  • You will get targeted traffic and attract qualified leads, making the sales process easier and cheaper
  • You will make better-informed decisions
  • It increases your visibility and brand awareness
  • You will save time and money. You will wisely spend your time on the right activities.
  • It increases your customers trust and credibility
  • It can increase your ROI
  • It’s cost- effective
  • Nurturing leads becomes a team effort, aligning marketing and sales departments
  • Inbound marketing saves you time and therefore money
  • Integrated campaigns are effective and easy to manage


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Inbound marketing creates long term relationship

It does not matter if we are within B2B, B2C or e-commerce, we all want to build long term relationship with our customers. To do that you have to prepare your business so that you can build the relationship long way before they become a customer. When they enter any of your touch points the game begins. Now you have to earn your audiences trust by consistently nurture them with creative and strategic content that are valuable for them.

For Inbound marketing user experience is crucial

As the definition of a nice looking website is about taste, the term functional is about user experience. And I guarantee that the appreciation of a nice looking website drastically falls as user experience fail to meet the expectations from your audience. And thing is though, as you start to build your relationship you have to offer equivalent user experience through all your sources, channels and touch points. Every time your audience get in contact with you, you have to deliver same standard for recognition and satisfaction. When you fail to do so you may loose a potential customer.

Did you know: 

B2B – Most buyers seek contact with vendors at the beginning of the buying process. They are especially willing to speak to vendors early in the buying process if the vendor actually can help them make a buying decision. (Aberdeen 2019)

Ecommerce – 93% of online experiences begin with a search and  47% of people click on one of the first three listings (SEJ 2019). 84% of people will not say that they will not make a purchase if they are met by an unsecured website. (Blue Corona, 2019)

B2C – 65 percent of shoppers look up price comparisons on their mobile device while they are in a physical store. (KPMG 2015). They are even trying to find the website from the store they are visiting, as they want to see if the online price is the same as in store.

For Inbound marketing content is essential

From the statistics above it is easy to understand importance of conducting professional SEO , so that people can find you. Then you also need to create a welcoming and pleasant feeling through all sources you use. And without going into details  I just want to stress the fact that in order to be efficient, you need to work with “white hat SEO” so that you get targeted traffic. An essential part of getting targeted traffic is content. And now you are lucky, as quality content is what all search engines and also your audience loves most. The logic behind it is quite easy to understand. Google and all other search engines wants to service their users with the most accurate hits. Therefore they will choose content that they think is the best hit for the searcher. So in other words, if you understand the interests from your audience, you just create the content your audience want. And then follow the rules for the search engines to bring you on top.

That people do not enter a website the first time to make a buy, might not be a surprise to you when it comes to B2B and durable consumer goods. But maybe a bit more surprisingly may be the fact, that 92 % of consumers visiting a retailer’s website for the first time aren’t there to buy (Epic 2017)  So therefore after the phase of attraction where audience found you, you need to nurture them. And as you gain their trust and build the relationship, you need to engage them and service them through all relevant touch points of your business.

purpsoses and benefits of inbound marketing

Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing

For inbound marketing, listening to customers is decisive

By listen I mean that you need to understand your ability and capability of meeting your customers needs and demands. When you use a system for Inbound marketing you can connect all your touch points into your CRM system. The data you pull out will show you what activities, in which touch points and to what extent your audience has been active. The metrics give you the full insight of engagement on both individual and segmented level. And with the data you are able to respond effectively and become more buyer-driven.

Inbound marketing gives you the signals to understand how to engage and when it's right time to propose. And Just as you meet your new partner in life, you need not to be too straight forward.

Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing needs to be systematized

Since you need to operate in several channels and sources to be efficient, you will produce a lot of data.  A CRM-system alone is not enough, as they are not developed for a holistic view of the sales process where data and input from marketing are used for direct for lead scoring. A professional system for Inbound marketing however, enables you to align your marketing department with sales department. This element is imperative for better conversion rate.

Inbound marketing usage- Identify, prioritize, engage and convert buyers and buying groups into sales. Account for marketing’s influence on revenue.

Inbound marketing system

Summarizing 4 key elements in a system for Inbound marketing. Behind the elements we use a total of 650 different features for extensive inbound marketing. For a full list of features please contact us.

360° customer view

‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ data about your contacts and their interactions across all your channels and data-sources.

Lead scoring

Ranking of your contacts to determine which leads are ready for what engagement, and in order of priority.

Contact segmentation

Preset filtering of your data for engagement of individuals, groups and segments.

Automatic reports

Save time by preset frequency and context of your automatic reports. Decide how deep you should go in details.

purpsoses and benefits of inbound marketing

Purposes and benefits of Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing loves marketing automation

You can do all work manually but if you want to get real results, you need to automate your workflow. Marketing automation will facilitate your daily work, as well as planning budgets and efforts. Marketing automation takes your marketing to the next level, it saves you time and boost your sales figures.

The list of benefits is long, but the features of automation that might be most straight forward are:

  • You will improve performance of your marketing campaigns
  • It will increase your conversion rate and bring leads into sales
  • You will get objective measurement of marketing efforts so that you can improve and attribute sales accurately.
Marketing automation software allows you to optimize your marketing strategy by automating marketing tasks and above all, preset of triggers for automated activities based on customer behavior and the use of your touch points.
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