How to –  Contests & Lottery!

1. Start

If you haven’t already downloaded Byebuy, download it here and register as company. Important, when register choose to upgrade. If not no one will be able to follow you.


2. Create your contest or lottery

Do as you always do when creating your contest on eg. facebook.


3. Set the rules

In the rules you add “To partake follow us on Buebuy and you will automatically partake in our contests…”


4. Pick a winner

When it’s time to pick a winner you just enter the app. In the menu you will find “Pick a winner”. There you’ll find a button “Pick a winner”, press the button and the app will generate a random winner for you. For several winners, you just press the button again until you reached the right amount of winners.

You will reach all your followers so that you can send out messages and offers without any cost also after competition.
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