How to –  Deals & Offers!

1. Start

If you haven’t already downloaded Byebuy, download it here and register as company. Important, when register choose to upgrade. If not no one will be able to follow you.


2. Create your Deal or Offer

Take some photos or upload some images, set your starting price and lowest price that you can sell for (visible only to you). Add some title and additional text describing your deal. Decide how many deals you want to offer your customers.


3. Publish your Deal or Offer

Now, the price drops down in line with the interest of your offer. As a buyer one must ask the question, “Do I dare wait so the price will be even lower”. If your buyer wait too long maybe someone else grab the deal. The price for your deal drops down to your lowest price decided. Then the deal starts again. This way it goes on until you reached the number of deals decided.

Now you publish your deal on social media. The more followers you get the more revenue.


4. Got a buyer

You don’t have to do anything you just sit down and wait til all your deals have been bought

One min to create your deal ->    images/ photos or video

Unlimited amount of deals ->    it’s your choice how many

Automated push to followers ->    immediate response

Incentive based selling ->    share to lower price

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