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Twitter success

Twitters main purpose is to connect people and allow them to share their thoughts and stories in short to a vast audience. On Twitter users find stories like today’s biggest news and events. The follow people or companies that post content they follow, or simply communicate with their friends. Twitter is also used by PR teams and marketers to increase brand awareness, and to enlighten/ amuse their audience.

Although Twitter nowadays accept 280 characters, it still earns it reputation as a micro blog. But For businesses, Twitter can be an extremely powerful tool for building and manage relationships. It can also serve as a customer service tool. When tweeting compelling content, Twitter can also work as gate generating an inflow of visitors to your site.

Search for hashtags – By searching hashtags, you can learn what people are talking about so you can craft your tweets to take part in popular conversations. Why would you do this? Because Twitter can offer insight into what topics are trending, Twitter is often used by news outlets to find stories.

Since Twitter is often used to provide real time updates to an audience, many brands combine Twitter with offline engagement, such as events.

When setting up your twitter page a few things you need to have prepared:

  1. Your Twitter @name (twitter.com/name)
  2. A profile photo and header image
  3. Your bio
  4. Your pinned tweet (important Tweet at the top of your timeline)
Twitter success

Read our guide to achieve Twitter success in our Twitter guide  – and what about the other platforms?

Social media success – the recipe!

Three quick searches in google gives me the following result; – keys to social media success” – About 79 900 000 results, “easy social media success” – About 964 000 000 results, “how to get social media success “- About 2 340 000 000 results. For me it says two things social media is worth it and there are a lot of gurus out there telling you this is “a piece of cake if you just follow my advice”.


I am sorry but unfortunately I have to start by ruin your hopes and illusions. There is no simple recipe or easy way to get social media success. The success of social media comes like everything else in life, from efforts and hard work. So the good news are that if you are determined, structured and willing to listen you can get your social media success. 


What Social media shall I choose to get success

When choosing platform(s), there are two vital questions that need to be addressed; – where do you find your customers, and what social media would your business benefit most from in your path to social media success?


In other words, when choosing platforms you need to know which ones your customers use. And you need also to identify and understand the purposes and features of the different platforms.  Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are visual-based thus suitable for e.g. retail sector that want to show their products. If you are in services industry however you would probably benefit more from text-based platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ where you easily share information with customers.

Although the platforms have become more and more similar in their offer of engagement, still there are some fundamental differences.


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