Video marketing is favoured by all marketing channels

Video marketing

Video marketing

People prefer to watch a video versus reading about it. Why – because our brains process video 60,000 times faster then text. So no matter of which channels or media you utilize, video is often the best method to explain complex topics in a short time. Videos allow your audience to see your products in action, getting a full understanding how it works, the features offered and its benefits.


Videos can also leverage the power of emotions so that you get closer to your potential customers, and enhance their engagement.

If a photo’s worth a thousand words, then what's the value of a video?

Explainer videos

Short videos ads to increase conversions and brand awareness

Commercial videos

Show how your product or service works. Or the use of it.

Tutorial videos

Convert more leads by explaining your services or products.

Video marketing, Explainer videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short animated videos with the purpose of illustrating complex ideas and matters in simplified , engaging, and meaningful ways in less than 2 minutes. Explainer videos are today one of the most powerful sources for content marketing today. Their ambition is to describe your company’s products or services in a way that sort sort out and cure your target audience’s uncertainty and agony. Explainer videos present your solution as the best solution.

A professional animated explainer video can generate leads, reduce bounce rates, foster brand awareness, and increase conversions. All from a single piece of video content.

Video marketing - commercial

Commercial videos

Animated commercials are short 10 to 30-second videos focused on promoting your company’s products and services. Unlike other types of marketing videos, good commercials don’t shy away from the fact that they are trying to sell something. They embrace it, finding new and innovative ways to carry your message, and being entertaining at the same time.

Animated video ads can raise brand awareness and conversions, and when it’s fully animated it allows full customization which will enhance your branding and relate better with your target audience.

Video marketing tutorial

Tutorial “How-to videos

Tutorial videos – also called How-to-Videos – is the center of a describing a process,  showing “how to accomplish it” following a step-by-step format. The length might vary but recommendation is around 2 minutes.

The purpose of these a tutorial video is to show how your product looks like, and how easy it is to manage so people can get excited and take the next step into making the final purchase.